Diesetter by Pacesetter Systems

The question is repeatedly asked;  why is the Pacesetter Systems DIESETTER better than the other "look-a-like" mechanical clamps. The similarities are obvious, however the differences are more subtle. I will explain

  1. "T" NUT- We use a custom made "T"nut which has a larger surface area and is stronger than is commercially available. This allows high loads, spread over a larger area,  thereby reducing wear and  preventing damage to the  "T" slots. (our competitor uses a "tugger bolt" which is not a "T" nut. It is simply a square headed bolt).
  2. THREADED SHAFT- We use multiple grades of alloys and heat treatments to satisfy each one of our 4 grades.  Grade 8 is used for the GOLD series with even higher strengths being obtained with the GREEN series. Superior strengths are obtained in all series by use of the high strength "J" series (controlled root radius) threads (again, our competitor uses a commercially available "tugger bolt").
  3. THRUST BEARING- Our clamps all contain a low friction thrust bearing between the clamp arm and the flange nut. Our competition does not. This allows us  to clamp up solid in approximately 1/8 turn  (the look-a-like requires approx. � turn).
  4. COMMONALITY FOR CONVENIENCE- We use commonality of hex size to facilitate availability of tools. Our 7/8 and 1" sizes both use the same size hex, as do our 5/8 and � sizes. Mix and match in the shop is easy.
  5. GREATER GRIP HEIGHT- As much as 2.35 inches usable grip range (approx. 2 time the usable grip of the look-a-like) This allows our clamps to be used with a wide range of die sizes. Check us out- our range is published- our competitors are not.
  6. HANDLE WITH EASE- A welded in handle on all clamps (no extra charge) provides ease of placement and handling. Our competitors charge for theirs, and its only bolted on.
  7. HIGH LOAD CAPACITY- Our clamps are stronger- up to 22 tons with the green series.
  8. LOAD RATED AND COLOR CODED FOR YOUR ECONOMIC ADVANTAGE- Our clamps are all color coded with  the same color code as die springs for your convenience.
  9. AVAILABILITY FROM STOCK- All items in our catalog are available from stock for immediate shipment.
  10. WARRANTY- Don't forget Pacesetter's 4 year warranty. Compare for yourself and see the difference.                            .

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